China to the Philippines

From China to the Philippines

After a couple of frustrating / laughable airport experiences (see below) we are finally Philippines bound. After a night in Manila, we head to Tagbilaran, Bohol where the fun really starts! We (my boyfriend, Harry and I) have planned to visit Bohol, El Nido and Coron. What happens while we are there is completely down to the […]

LB Qingcheng Mountain

Day Trip to Qingcheng Mountain

Making the most of my aunt and cousin being in Chengdu, especially with the good weather we had in June, I took them on a trip to Qingcheng Mountain, one of China’a famous Taoist mountains. There are two sides to the mountain, both supposedly offering a different experience – Qingcheng Front Mountain, and Qingcheng Back Mountain. According […]


Leshan Giant Buddha

Having family and friends come to visit me in China is a great excuse for me to go out and do some of the more touristy things that I seem to forget about when I’m going about my daily life here. This June, the weather in Chengdu was fantastic (blue skies and everything!) which made travelling around […]

Lamma Island

Hong Kong’s great. No matter what time you head outside there is always something happening. The bright lights and never ending buildings make walking around aimlessly seem like intentional sight-seeing. Even watching people buy their groceries in the numerous little markets that fill the even smaller streets is something interesting to look out for. But when the […]

Food Glorious Food

Chengdu Food Tours

Hotpot, chuan chuan, mapo tofu, twice cooked pork, eggplant in fishy sauce… A menu in a Sichuan restaurant can be confusing when written in English, but it’s even more confusing when written in Chinglish or Chinese! Sichuan food is numb, spicy and full of flavour; it’s some of the most delicious in all of China, so it’s a […]