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Flower Town

Chengdu’s a fantastic city. Obviously I’m going to be a little biased because I’ve been living here for the past few years, but hear me out.

Chengdu is known as one of China’s most “relaxed” cities. I say “relaxed” because it’s not what I would typically call “relaxed” when I’m at home. The pace of life here is considered pretty chilled compared to the likes of Beijing and Shanghai. It’s also a developing city. On almost every street corner there is a shiny new shopping mall, but there are still plenty of traditional little gems to be found and more than its fair share of 苍蝇馆子 (this translates to “fly restaurants” – small, seemingly dirty restaurants surrounded by flies, serving very cheap but very delicious food!).  Let’s not forget to mention that Chengdu is the “home of the panda” and the “land of the panda”!

There’s a little place in Chengdu called flower town. A place where lots of people go to, believe it or not, buy flowers! I’d never been here during the day until the other week but it was so good! So good, in fact, that we went this weekend too!

We didn’t go to buy flowers. We went to eat unlimited bbq and drink unlimited beers for the day, all for 58rmb (just less than £6!). No better way to spend a summers day in my opinion.

chef schmidt hard at work

As much as I love food, it wasn’t just a day of eating. There were so many things to do – or not do if your heart so wished. I even learnt how to play mahjong, and won my first game!

Mahjong kings and queens

There’s also a beautiful lake there which you can take pedalos out on. It really felt like a little place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We’re on a boat!

For anyone visiting or living in Chengdu, I’d definitely recommend spending a day here. Lots of fun to be had and a great opportunity to sit back and appreciate where you are.

bbq friends

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