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24 Hours in Deyang (德阳)

Going abroad really makes you realise that the saying: “the world’s a small place” is true. I mean, my boyfriend and I came all the way to China before we met… But we’d never met back in the tiny UK.

The same goes for our friend, Christian, that we visited last weekend. He lived only 20 minutes away from me in England and even studied in my hometown, yet it took us to come to China to meet.

Chris now lives in Deyang, 20 mins by fast train or 40-50 mins by regular train from Chengdu. This meant a trip there was long overdue and we took the opportunity to visit.

After near sprinting to catch our train, we started our trip on a pretty comfortable fast train to Deyang.

Of course, after arriving we had to grab some food. We’ve got our priorities right. Harry and I were both fed a generous helping of 回锅肉炒饭 (twice cooked pork with fried rice) for the equivalent of £1. We were also given a big bowl of soup for free to help wash it down. And, a complimentary photo with the chefs.

thanks for the dinner

After meeting with Chris, having a quick catch up in his apartment and a look out on the roof, we were soon heading back out for our next feast – rabbit!

so pretty
city buildings and mountains all in one
roof selfie!

I’d never eaten rabbit before (and have since seen a rabbit for sale in the market still with white fur on its paws :'( so I don’t know how I feel about eating it again) but as meat goes, it was pretty delicious. The restaurant was great. It had outdoor seating and a very relaxed vibe – perfect for summer evenings with your friends.

summer dining
summer dining

After eating as much as we could, and drinking our fair share of beer, we headed to a little bar street. We had a good view of a lit up pagoda from here; although they turned the lights of it off at around 12 (much like they’re doing with the street lights at home right now!).

After catching up on some sleeping (something that I seem very good at doing during this summer break) Harry and I headed out on a little tour of our own as per Chris’ recommendations.

First stop was Deyang square. Most cities and towns in China seem to have a square. In the evenings they’re used for dancing, and during the day they seem best used for ktv competitions! Close to here was a monestry. We fed some fish (and by fish I mean things the size of underwater swimming cats), and had a little look around.

the size of that mouth

Chris also told us about some of the hútòngs near to Deyang’s main hotel. Walking around these little alleys and old small houses reminded me of what I thought China was going to be like before I came. It’s incredible to see these tiny alleys surrounded by brand new sky high apartment blocks. Of course, this is all due to the fact that this country is developing at such a fast rate. 

looking down the hútòng
looking down the hútòng
hútòng beauties

Before we knew it, it was time to catch our train back to Chengdu. This time, the not so luxurious regular speed train. It was enjoyable all the same, especially with Harry strumming out some tunes on his guitar.

It’s always nice to have a little break from Chengdu and see somewhere new, just like it’s nice to do the same thing back at home. It’s easy to take for granted where you are and choose staying in to watch TV over taking a mini adventure. But this weekend proves that little adventures don’t need to require a lot of effort.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to send my well wishes to all those affected by the Tianjin blasts. Heartbreaking news.

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