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Change of Plan

Part of the beauty of travel is the ability to be flexible. After hearing about the awful happenings in Bangkok last Monday we decided to change our travel plans, seeing as we were going to fly to the city the next day. This meant spending a couple of extra days in Chiang Mai. 

But still, when we arrived in Bangkok we had the friendliest and jolliest taxi driver ever. She was singing songs and making jokes the whole way to our hostel. You wouldn’t have known what had happened in the city the day before. 

still time for a quick pic by the shrine near our hostel
We stayed one night in a hostel I’ve visited several times before in Bangkok – Mile Map Hostel. This hostel is fantastic, and part of what makes it so great is the incredible staff. Pat knew we were arriving in the early hours of the morning and even had a couple of pad thais waiting for us!

We left the capital at noon the next day. Honestly, we were worried about becoming targets as the bombings seemed to be aimed at tourists. Nevertheless, we’ll still head there for a couple of days on our way back. 

We had an awesome four night stay in Chiang Mai. We played with elephants at Chiang Thai Heritage (blog post to come), watched Thai boxing and went on a stunning one day trek with our guide Mr Goo (blog post to come). 


making new friends
nice and sweaty on the trek – that view though!
We were a little confused (and still are) about the closedown of the city at midnight every night. We think this might have something to do with the military rule that’s now in place. But still, watching every single bar, massage parlour, shop (bar 711) close bang on midnight is a little strange. 

We’re now in Railey Beach after a very swift Air Asia flight from Chiang Mai and a super efficient airport transfer with our hotel. 

So far it looks amazing! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than posting a blog with this view. 

balcony view at Railey Great View Resort

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