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Railay Beach

The price of domestic flights in Thailand are very low, so we decided for this to be our main mode of transport for travelling internally. Yes, buses and trains are even cheaper, but flights are also much quicker and we only had two weeks! So, with that, we went to Chiang Mai airport to catch our second of three domestic flights – this time to Krabi. 

After a late bit of organisation we found out we would have to then get a taxi to the pier and then a boat to Railay beach. Not arriving until late evening, we had a moment wondering if we would be able to get to Railay that night or not! But all was good. 

Buying the taxi ticket to Ao Nang pier at Krabi airport was very easy, but only after doing that did we spot a man holding up a sign for our hotel. Yes, he was waiting for us. It turned out that my request for an airport transfer was taken, but no one had ever told me it was confirmed! No complaining though, our taxi ticket was refunded with no fuss and we were away to our hotel – Railay Great View Resort. 

pool with a view
Railay Great View doesnt lie about the “great view”
 Railay Beach is a beautiful place and we were pretty taken aback on our first night which we spent on the east side of it. There were a few bars and resorts along the one path, nothing too hectic though. And everywhere seemed pretty relaxed – no stopping alcohol or closing past midnight!
The next morning despite a short (but heavy) burst of rain, we had a swim in the pool. It’s rainy season here and the rain was on and off for some of the day – but nowhere near to the extent I was expecting before we arrived. I come from England after all. I’m used to rain 24/7.  

 After a delicious dinner of giant tiger prawns we sat in “The Last Bar” and watched the evening’s entertainment – a slightly awkward (imo) game of musical chairs, a Muay Thai match and a fire show. The Muay Thai and fire shows were incredible! We did witness one the fire things (should find out what they’re called) roll under someone’s table… But that’s all part of the fun, right?  

fire wizards

We went Exploring the west side of Railay beach that evening and it was equally as breathtaking. It’s such a beautiful place, and the west side has the softest sand. 

Unlike the evening before, when we arrived at Railay west the next day there were quite a few people at the beach (still far from what I would call busy though). We walked along when we spotted some people emerging from some rocks at the far side of the beach. We explored this little route and no longer than 10 minutes after entering the rock path we emerged on the otherwise – Ton Sai Bay. 


empty beach
local footy stars in Ton Sai
 We felt as though Railay just kept getting better and better. It’s a fantastic place if you’re looking for a beach, a little jungle hike to/from Ton Sai Bay, kayaking or even rock climbing if you’re feeling adventurous. 

I don’t know what it would be like during high season but even now in “low rainy season” the weather is great and it’s not too busy. Definitely worth a visit if you’re over this side of the world!


boating towards Railay east

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