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Getting a Bamboo Tattoo in Thailand

A quick fore note here, tattoos last forever (unless you want to fork out for some expensive and painful laser removal treatment!). If it’s 2am, you’re 3 buckets deep and you’ve suddenly found a need to inked, maybe wait until the morning and see if you still think it’s a good idea. If you like the sound of it the next day, then by all means, go ahead!

Having wanted another tattoo for a while (sorry Mum and Dad!), I found myself wanting one more and more, the longer we were in Thailand. Almost everywhere we visited had at least one “Bamboo Tattoo Studio”. We spent some time looking for tattoo inspirations – wanting something that could serve as a little memory of our Thai holiday.

After arriving in the fifth destination of our holiday, Koh Phi Phi, we found ourselves inundated with choice of where to get a tattoo. As mentioned in a previous post, Koh Phi Phi was full of bars, restaurants, gift shops and tattoo studios! We were meeting our friends here too, and coincidentally, a couple of them were also looking to get a permanent souvenir from Thailand!

Tattoo time!
Tattoo time!

We all met up at Tapear1994 Bamboo Tattoo. It’s not a large studio but, being the first studio on Koh Phi Phi island, was one that could be trusted. It was clean, and the staff were professional. Somewhere to look into going if you find yourself in Koh Phi Phi and want a bamboo tattoo, too!

All the staff took great care in drawing up the tattoo designs everyone had in mind, all before a price was even discussed. As you’d expect, if there was something you didn’t like or if you wanted to change the size of their design, then they did it fuss-free.

I’d heard rumours that bamboo tattoos are “pain-free” or at least that they hurt less than regular tattoos. Personally, I wouldn’t say it hurt more or less. It was a different type of pain. I find tattoos with a machine have more of a burn-y pain, this bamboo tattoo had more of a stab-y pain.

Before getting one, I didn’t actually know how bamboo tattoos were done. I thought the ink was put straight onto a sharpened piece of bamboo! Turns out, a needle is attached to the bamboo, which is in turn dipped into the ink and stabbed into your skin repeatedly. Watching the tattooists do these tattoos by hand was quite mesmerising. And they were so quick!

I’m pleased with how my tattoo’s turned out and would recommend Tapear1994 Bamboo Tattoo for anyone looking to get a bamboo or machine tattoo in the area. Just turn up in plenty of time to get yours designed and done.

sunny moon, moony sun...
sunny moon, moony sun…

If you have any questions about getting a bamboo tattoo or have had one yourself, let me know in the comments below.

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