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Happy Mid-Autmun Festival

中秋节快乐 or happy mid-Autumn festival!

Mid-Autumn festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, meaning it falls on a different day each year for us using the more common Gregorian calendar. Falling on the day of a full moon, it was originally a time to give thanks to the moon and celebrate the harvest. It’s now an important time for families to get together to enjoy and appreciate each other’s love and company.

One of the most traditional foods eaten on this day is the infamous “mooncake” (which is where the festival’s alternate name “Mooncake Festival” comes from). Mooncakes come in a wide variety of different flavours but all of them have an acquired taste to say the least! They’re very dense cakes. The kind of cake you might choose to use as a doorstop if you have nothing else around. Mooncakes are presented as gifts to friends and family, with their round shape symbolising the full moon and the unity of a family.

This is my fourth Mid-Autumn festival in China and I’ve been “lucky” enough to try many different flavours of mooncakes! My all time least favourite was the one with a dried egg yolk in the middle… Yum.

Of course, it’s nice to be involved in this Chinese tradition and be considered as someone that is worthy of receiving a gift at this time of year.

A Yunnan ham mooncake. A delicious pork pie, you might say… Not quite!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone.

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