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Caspian at Little Bar Space, Chengdu

While at a bar a few months ago, we spotted a flyer for Caspian’s China tour. I’d listened very little to them but I liked what I’d heard so far and an excuse to do something different on a Wednesday night is always welcome.

As mentioned in a previous post, gigs I’ve attended since coming to China have been few and far between. I’ve watched friends play, friends jam and countless other gigs on YouTube (really not the same), but While She Sleeps were still the only known band I’d seen live since arriving. Until Caspian came to Chengdu last night.

Up until about a month ago, I thought there were only two “Little Bars” in Chengdu , so I just assumed Caspian would also play at “New Little Bar”. Wrong. Apparently there are now three Little Bars. This is where it gets a little confusing. There’s the original little Little Bar, then the slightly larger “new” Little Bar, and now there’s Little Bar Space (aka the definitely not little Little Bar). I’m not sure when it opened so I’m probably well behind the times in finding this out.

Little Bar (lots of) Space
Little Bar (lots of) Space

Little Bar Space is located in the same shopping mall as one of Chengdu’s two official Apple stores, MixC. It seemed an odd location for a music venue but once inside I totally forgot that there was a supermarket about 20 metres away!

It was a good sized venue for Caspian (someone told us it had about a 600 person capacity, I’m not very good at judging these things, but we’ll say it was about that big). There was a pretty large turn out which was cool. I always it must be quite cool to be in a band, travel to some weird and wonderful country and still have people turn up to see you play. Apparently this was Caspian’s third time in China, but the first in Chengdu, so I’m sure Chengdu-ese(?) followers of the band couldn’t wait for a chance to see them.

Overall, despite the sound at the venue being eardrum-burstingly loud, and the audience not really knowing when to clap and cheer (?!), it was a good night. I enjoyed the band, particularly when they all got playing the drums at the same time, and I liked the venue. One recommendation though would be to bring your own water. 15RMB (£1.50) for a bottle of water is not justified anywhere in the world.

Everyone has to leave at some time
Everyone has to leave at some time

Have you seen Caspian live, been to Little Bar Space or any other gigs in China? I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. can you tell me the address please 🙂 I have to see Cold Cave tonight and I am confused by the locations !!

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