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Review: Xingtai Hotel, Quanzhou

We arrived in Quanzhou from Chengdu at about 11pm, and took the opportunity to spend the 14 precious hours before our flight to Manila getting a good night’s sleep at the Xingtai Hotel.



It took us less than 10 minutes in a taxi to get from the airport to the hotel*. Perfect for a quick stopover! The taxi fare was set at 20RMB. As I’ve turned into a slight skeptic, I did think the taxi driver was driver to con us out of a few RMB as he also felt the need to tell us that he’d been waiting at the airport for a fare for over an hour. It turns out that was just a set price which we also paid on our return to the airport the next day – no questions asked.

Close to the airport.
Close to the airport.

Just around the corner from the hotel are the ever familiar McDonalds and KFC – perfect if you’re wanting something quick and easy (not so great if you want to feel good about yourself!). There was also a whole lane full of delicious street food carts just down the road and even though we arrived at midnight, the streets were buzzing with people.

There was every type of street food imaginable. There really was something for everyone. From, barbecued meat and vegetables, to breaded and fried corn on the cob, you wouldn’t leave disappointed. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of this as my phone had already died after trying to resolve our airport issues earlier in the day.

Also, despite what the worker in McDonalds might tell you, there are a couple of ATMs nearby, too.

*Check in for international flights only opens 1.5hours before departure, so don’t worry about getting to the airport too early. Read about our experience here.


When we entered our room, we were greeted with a sofa and a couple of chairs, only after turning our heads did we discover the other room with our bed, and then after fully venturing inside did we discover our bathroom. This wasn’t just a room, it was a suite. Unfortunately we only stayed for the night and didn’t have too much time to fully explore our “room”.

Value for Money

We paid 228RMB through for our night’s stay at the Xingtai Hotel and, personally, I thought it was fantastic value for money. The location was ideal and the room was huge! Breakfast was even included in that price (but we didn’t go for this because sleep > early morning food).


We didn’t have many encounters with the staff at Xingtai Hotel other than at check in and check out, however they were more than helpful and booked us a taxi back to the airport upon checkout without hesitation.


Excellent location – near to the airport and a wide variety of food just down the road, what more could you ask for?

Value for money – feeling like we’d booked a top-notch suite near to the airport for only 228RMB!

Cleanliness – despite being a very large room, everything was very clean.

Shower of dreams – I could’ve washed my hair all day in that shower, not because of low pressure but because it was so nice!

Ease of check in, check out – they even called us a taxi for no extra cost so we wouldn’t have to walk around and find one in the heat.


These aren’t so much cons, more like things I’d suggest to make it even better.

Temperature – in July, Jinjiang is very hot. When we first entered our room both thermostats read that the temperature inside the room was 33C+. We switched both air-conditioners on to the lowest temperature but due to the sheer size of the room, it took a long time to cool down.

Suggestion: if hotel staff turned the air conditioners on prior to arrival, we would’ve been welcomed with a much more comfortable temperature!

Minibar – I tend not to use the minibar so this didn’t bother me much, however had I wanted a cheeky pot noodle after a flight and before bed I would’ve been greeted with an empty mini bar. I did get to read what would have been inside it had it been stocked…

Suggestion: ensure minibars are stocked (even if guests don’t want to use it, it’s nice to know we could have used it if we wanted)

Would I recommend staying at Xingtai Hotel?

Xingtai Hotel – pretty big!

Most definitely, it was a very comfortable and affordable night’s sleep.

As for Quanzhou itself, I’m not too sure what it has to offer, but I also haven’t researched it much either. We arrived soon before midnight and were surprised by the number of people still out and about, eating and even clothes shopping! We were equally as surprised at 11am the next day when there was almost nobody roaming the streets. Our taxi driver told us that people much prefer going out later because the weather is far too hot to do anything during the day. I don’t blame them!

Have you been to Quanzhou for a stopover or a holiday? What did you think? Have you stayed in the Xingtai Hotel? Leave your comments below!

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