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Review: Anda Longbeach Resort, Bohol

Our first point of call in Bohol was Anda, and this place did not fail to make a good first impression! A beautiful beach and crystal clear waters, what more could you want? We spent our time in Anda at Anda Longbeach Resort, which we booked on Air BnB.

Getting There

We missed this sign post on the way in...
We missed this sign post on the way in…

Anda is located on the opposite side of the island from the pier and airport. It’s easy to get to, but requires a little bit more time and effort (unless you book a private transfer). We took a tricycle from the airport to Dao bus terminal. This ride in a tricycle should cost 20PHP per person, but lots of people there try and charge you a lot more. Just stay firm!

From the bus terminal, we took a public bus to Anda. This ride costs 80PHP for students, or 120PHP for anyone else. It should take about 2hours. Be sure to tell the driver or ticket man that you want to get off at Anda Long Beach and they can help point you in the right direction.

Room and Facilities

Now, don’t let “resort” in the name fool you. If you’re looking for luxury, Anda Longbeach Resort is not the place for you. Likewise, if you’re looking to rough it on a beach in the middle of nowhere, this place is also not for you. If, however, you are looking for modest, budget accommodation a stone’s throw from the beach, then this place is spot on.

You couldn't get much closer to the beach.
You couldn’t get much closer to the beach.

Our room was clean, the bed was comfortable and the toilet and shower worked fine. We also had a little cupboard, table, fridge and even a TV! Sitting on our small porch area we could see the sea.

A nice little touch was waking up to find a pot of hot water, cups and coffee sachets waiting for us on our porch. It was very much appreciated after our early sunrise wake up!

LB Bohol 24
Coffee waiting for us bright and early.

Value for Money

At £27 a night on Air BnB this accommodation was cheaper than others located in and we thought it was great value. We couldn’t have asked for more for the price for a beach side property.


Before even arriving in the Philippines, staff were right by the phone to answer any questions we may have very quickly. They also sent a very detailed message telling us how to get to the property. Although we didn’t have many encounters with them when we were there, they were friendly enough. 


Location – Being able to see the sea from our bungalow was awesome!

Value for money – At less than half the price of some luxury properties near by, we felt that this place was a bargain.

The room – It was cozy and clean, exactly what we wanted.


Signage – When we arrived, we weren’t too sure where we were supposed to check in. This was partly due to it being the weekend and there being a big crowd of people singing KTV covering the sign. I mean, this was resolved within a couple of minutes so it’s hardly much to complain about!

Noise – This wasn’t a problem for us, but could be for others. Some days or evenings people would gather next door and do karaoke. Of course, this can be pretty loud, but entertaining all the same.

While we felt safe during our stay at Anda Longbeach Resort, we were travelling with quite a bit of camera equipment that we didn’t want stolen! There was cupboards in our room, but no lock. Bring your own padlock for extra safety.

Would I Recommend Staying at Anda Longbeach Resort?

Yes! It was relaxing, yet still had convenience stores and places to eat within walking distance. Also, the beach was beautiful and the sunrise unforgettable. And while the location was a little out of the way, the main sights were easy enough to reach.

Not a bad view!
Not a bad view!

Have you been to Anda? What did you think and where did you stay? Have you stayed at Anda Longbeach Resort? Leave your comments below!

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