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#Chexit: 8 Weeks To Go – A One Way Ticket

Last week we took the plunge and booked a one-way ticket out of China. Our “Chexit” is fast approaching! The idea of leaving China for good fills me with mixed emotions: excitement, nerves, relief, stress and so on. One minute I’m over the moon, the next I’m super anxious about the uncertainty that awaits me.

When I first came to China, I was blissfully unaware that it was going to be such a long-term move. Originally the plan was to stay in China for 6 months and then move on. Then the plan changed to an additional 6 months in China before moving on. Five years later, and here I am. I have just graduated after studying at Sichuan University for the past three and a half years and I now have five years of teaching experience under my belt, along with experience in other fields of work (“acting”, scriptwriting and voice recording to name a few).

Now, intentionally planning what is looking to be quite a permanent move is a little daunting. Although I’m not sure what’s more daunting: leaving China, or the mountainous task of clearing out our apartment.

The clear out has already begun and, let me tell you, after arriving in China with one (rather heavy) backpack, I have managed to accumulate a lot of stuff over the last five years, including two soon-to-be international cats.

Packing up and leaving a life I’ve known for the last five years isn’t going to be easy. I’ll definitely miss this place, but I’m equally ready to start a new chapter. Although, first, the next few weeks have a lot of exciting things in store! I will officially finish teaching all of my students, a couple of visitors will be arriving and a few cheeky trips are to be had. Got to leave China in style!

Eight weeks to go until the official Chexit and counting!

Now time to continue preparing for the big move.


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