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Pasir Panjang, Pulau Tuba: Back to Basics

Whether it’s because we get itchy feet, or we just like a change of scenery, whenever we go on holiday we tend to move around a fair bit. So after a couple of nights on the main island of Langkawi, we headed over to Pulau Tuba.┬áPulau Tuba is a small island just off of Langkawi and home to Wild Pasir Panjang. The island itself is inhabited, however a stay at Pasir Panjang gives the same feeling as living somewhere rather remote.

If you’re staying on Pulau Tuba there’s a fair bit to keep you busy, however this post will focus on our time at Pasir Panjang. If you want to know more about things to do then check out my next blog post!

Getting There

Despite the seemingly remote location, Pulau Tuba isn’t hard to get to. You can take different routes depending on the part of the island you want to reach. Wherever you’re staying, first you should take a taxi to the jetty in Kuah on Langkawi main island. We asked to be dropped off at Marble Beach jetty, but our taxi driver still took us to Pekan Rabu jetty. However, the two are only a short walking distance apart, and Pulau Tuba can be reached from both. The boat from Pekan Rabu will take you to the “main” part of Tuba, while the boat from Marble Beach jetty can drop you off directly at Pasir Panjang. If you go to the main part of Tuba, you will have to walk a little while until you reach Pasir Panjang.

From Marble Beach jetty you can either wait until a boat fills to take you over to Pasir Panjang, or take a chartered boat. A shared boat will set you back 10RM per person, whereas taking a chartered boat will cost 50-60RM per boat. While taking a shared boat might save the pennies, taking a chartered boat will definitely save you time as there is virtually no waiting around.

We were on the boat for all of ten minutes before we arrived at our lush home for the next few nights.


Gahsri, our host, offers a variety of accommodation along the private beach. We chose to stay in the “double room with private bathroom”. It doesn’t promise to be luxurious, but honestly it doesn’t need to be. From the door of our room, we needed to take no more than three steps before reaching the sand. There was something pretty special about sleeping somewhere so simple virtually on the beach.

While taking a walk into town, or a boat over to Langkawi is not impossible, for convenience the staff at the accommodation offer to cook up breakfast, lunch and dinner for a very fair price. Just let them know what you want a couple of hours before meal time. You can also help yourself to snacks and drinks. Just tally down what you take so it can be added to your bill when you leave.

Beer is available, but in limited supply. If you like a drink of the alcoholic variety it would be worth your while picking some up in Langkawi before heading over (remember, Langkawi is tax free!). Also, Pulau Tuba is a muslim island. Except for Pasir Panjang, alcohol is nearly impossible to find.

What to do

Honestly, not a lot.

Chill. Out.

Read, swim, sunbathe, sleep… or if you’re feeling as brave as Harry was, run along the beach in the blazing sun! Just enjoy the serenity of the place.

Have you been to Pulau Tuba or Pasir Panjang? Let me know in the comments below!



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