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Dayang Bunting: Our Neighbours, the Buffalo

This island is amazing. While it is less populated than Pulau Tuba, it is a better base to explore both Dayang Bunting and Pulau Tuba than Pasir Panjang. The two islands are connected by a bridge so you could ride around on a motorbike endlessly exploring – we certainly did… in between massive chill sessions.

Getting There

From Pasir Panjang, we took a “stroll” through a slight jungle. Now, this had nothing on the 12 day trek I did in Borneo back in 2008, but having put exercise on the back burner for a good while, this was a slightly “sweaty” venture should I say. Nonetheless, no more than 10 minutes later we arrived on a different section of beach to that which we’d been staying on. There we were met by a couple of chaps on motorbikes who whisked us away to our next accommodation. They rode through Pulau Tuba, over the bridge and to our destination on Dayang Bunting. It was very pain-free.

If you’re not coming from Pulau Tuba, Dayang Bunting also has a pier which you can take the local boat to. Just make your way to Pekan Rabu Pier and share a boat with the locals for all of 5RM per person. Bargain!


Understandably, on a fairly unpopulated island there’s very little choice of place to stay. We stayed at Barkat Chalets and I would highly recommend it. Shade, our host, was fantastic and couldn’t do anymore for us. The accommodation offers a variety of rooms from dorms to private chalets overlooking the sea. We went for the private double chalet and having a hammock to lay on and overlook the buffalo and sunrise was awesome.

Entrance to our temporary home

The accommodation is located right on a beach, however it’s very muddy and not really suitable for swimming. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful beaches nearby. Shade offered to take us on his boat to a beach located just round the corner. We took out the kayak and had a paddle, and even saw a dolphin!

The hosts also provide food if you want it. Just pay 50RM per day and they’ll sort out all your meals, and they have no trouble catering for people with specific dietary requirements.

What to do

Much like Pasir Panjang, there’s not a great deal to do. However, I did feel as though we had a bit more freedom to roam around here. We were able to take the bike out a couple of days and ride over to Pulau Tuba where we saw monkeys and an awesome view of the islands.

As mentioned above, there are beaches nearby and if you can get access to a kayak it’s well worth giving that a go.

Honestly, we spent this part of our holiday chilling out and getting to know our new, temporary neighbours. We definitely explored, but we also took time to just do nothing.

Road Blockage

One thing I would definitely, definitely suggest doing though is setting that dreaded alarm (which normally should be banned on holiday) and wake up for the sunrise. It was incredible, and one day the buffalo were there playing around too which made it even more unique!

So. Pretty.

Have you been to Pulau Dayang Bunting, or are you planning to go? Tell me about it in the comments below.



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