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Why You MUST Go To Langkawi (In Under 5 Minutes!)

Are you looking into your next holiday but unsure if Langkawi is the right place for you? Or maybe you’ve already booked your trip and are just looking for a bit of inspiration. Look no further than this short video by Toast City Productions of our time in Langkawi. It makes we weep happy tears every time I watch it. Take. Me. Back.

Langkawi is a tax-free island (think cheap alcohol and shopping galore) with so much more to offer than low-priced goods and beach bars. I’d recommend staying in a cosy AirBnb over a hotel on the main strip, and renting a bike to scoot about really gives you the freedom to explore. Of course, bikes aren’t the only way of getting about. A morning jetting around the ocean on jet skis was pretty unforgettable!

Don’t forget, Langkawi isn’t all this part of Malaysia has to offer. Nearby islands with a completely different feel include Pulau Tuba, and Dayang Bunting.

Seriously, if you’re still unsure just watch this video (and book that trip!).

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