About Me


About Me

I’m Emma, a 25 year old from Essex, England and I’m travelling the world so that you want to, too.

In 2008, at the age of 18 I went on my first “big adventure” – a volunteer expedition in Borneo. From that point on, my wanderlust was unstoppable! Knowing that deep down my passion was to travel, I decided against attending university in the UK and found myself working two jobs to fund my next trip.

At the age of 19, I took my first solo trip to Australia. The buzz I got from successfully making it to my hostel from the other side of the world was like no other (except for the buzz I got a from doing a skydive a fBBew days later!).

On my return to the UK, I found myself working hard again to fund any trip that I could, be it anywhere from snowy Stockholm, Sweden to sunny Marrakech, Morocco.

2012 saw me travelling to China, somewhere I’d never thought about visiting before, to complete a six-month teaching internship. Funny that… After returning home for a brief two week visit I found my “Round the World” and working holiday in Australia plans turned upside down. I wasn’t ready to leave China. And I’m still not!

I’m currently an undergraduate studying Mandarin in Chengdu, China. I’ve worked as anything from a teacher to an actress!

I’m making the most of being located on this side of the world with trips around this huge country and the beautiful SE Asian countries located nearby.

I hope you enjoy reading about through my tips and travel diaries and are inspired to take the plunge and book a trip yourself!



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